Where dreams take flight

Ballet shoes, Scottish Ballet, GlasgowAdmittedly I’m a little awestruck when I enter the Scottish Ballet building. Everything is just so perfect.

Beautiful offices, wooden walls, fantastic views, huge glass windows and dancers floating gracefully around the building with flawless physiques.

Triple bill thrill

5 Tango costume, Scottish BalletBut I’m not here to flutter.  Along with the other bloggers, I’m here for the sneak preview rehearsals for  5 Tangos, Workwithinwork and Run for it  part of an impressive triple bill for the Scottish Ballet’s new autumn season.

Excitement is in the air – we’re treated to a look at the most amazing costumes for 5 Tangos  and even get to see where they’re magically created.

The new artistic director Christopher Hampson arrives, and rehearsals shift into action.  It’s incredible.

5 Tango dancers, Scottish BalletI’m instantly absorbed in the dancing unfolding within an arm’s reach of me.  The first tango opens with the entire company in an open embrace – an invitation to us, their captivated audience.

The second piece is much darker; a lone dancer is surrounded by six prowling men – yet she’s the one in control keeping them at bay.  Music pulsates and the third tango begins – the solo male dancer brings a powerful intensity to the stage.  And I am completely lost in the moment.

During the fourth piece the tango’s a weapon and then an embrace. Suddenly there’s dancing everywhere –  lifting, turning, jumping, until everyone’s in unison.

Dancing, it’s in us

Clare and Owen, Scottish BalletAfter the preview, we’re treated to a post-preview chat with principal dancer Clare Robertson and Owen Thorne from the Coryphee. They share their lust for this ‘living art’ explaining how dance lives within them; their bodies have hundreds of moves just waiting to be brought to life.

This amazing triple bill extravaganza is not to be missed and is on at the Theatre Royal  in Glasgow 4-6 October.  It is bold, beautiful and enchating.  And you can get amazing seats for only £18 (£15) – since the Scottish Ballet have set a one- seat price for any seat for this show.

I’ve got my tickets.  Have you got yours?

And remember, this is just one of a slew of other wonderful shows on offer including Hansel & Gretel, Highland Fling, and Nutcracker.



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