Why be normal when you could deviate

Hooray summer has returned just in time for the Merchant City Festival.   So in celebration I’m considering deviating from the norm.  Lucky for me Surge’s Deviator is in town and Glasgow is suddenly my own personal playground.

And just what is deviator?

It’s a lot of things; an interactive arts project, an app that gets you to explore Glasgow as never before – daring you to play the game, do the peculiar and frolic with mischief makers.   And why the heck not.

Seeing is believing –  watch this video and be tempted

Something for absolutely everyone

Surge runs alongside the Merchant City Festival and offers a fantastic selection of street art, physical theatre and circus.  But if you’re feeling a little reluctant to hop across town in a sack or ride on the shoulders of stranger, there’s plenty of other exciting events and activities on offer.  So make the most of this five-day extravaganza.

Rain or shine ‘let’s be happy together’.

– T


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