Babbity Bowster Brilliance

Away from  busy shops and the commotion, tucked in on Blackfriar’s Street,  is the wonderful and welcoming café/pub Babbity Bowsters.

Babbity Bowsters pub - fiddles on Saturday afternoon, GlasgowI often walk past this intriguing wee pub and have been particularly drawn in on Saturday afternoons when I could spot – through their large windows – a group of jovial violinist and fiddlers playing.  It looked like a fantastically good time.

Welcoming surroundings

And so when a friend from abroad was in town and we were looking for a social spot to catch up in without having to scream over blaring music, Babbity’s was the perfect place.

Here we could unwind in natural light pouring in through grand windows and comfortable surroundings.  With exception to Saturday afternoons the pub is a music-free zone.  Relaxed but far from boring, it’s refreshingly simple surroundings make you instantly feel at ease.

Still in the heart of the Merchant City, it offers hearty Scottish fair like haggis and cullen skink.  And if you’re looking something more formal, try their Franco-Scots restaurant Schottische upstairs where dinner is served Tuesday – Saturday from 6.30pm.

Take shelter in this Merchant City gem

The rain has returned and so it’s only right that you take shelter inside.  And if that shelter happens to be a cosy dwelling with great food, excellent staff and a relaxed feel, then look no further than Babbity’s.  It’s the perfect place to lose track of time over a good book, chat effortlessly will friends and, on Saturday afternoon, enjoy a bit of local folk music.

Everything you need to be happy

If the sun does make a return, you can also enjoy your dinner, drinks and easily heard discussions in their lovely beer garden.  And if you’re an out-of-towner looking for a place to stay, they also have six en-suite bedrooms.

Really everything you could possibly need at your fingertips.  So why not give it a go.

– T


2 responses to “Babbity Bowster Brilliance

  1. Tha Babbity is my favourite “very scottish” place here in Glasgow. Bravo!

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