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Neighbourly love and the prefect brew

In life it’s not too much to ask for nice neighbours and a decent cuppa.

Artisan Roast, Gibson Street, GlasgowDuring the last long weekend, I found myself biking from Edinburgh to Glasgow.  Yes, for fun.

And besides actually surviving the three day cycle back, another highlight was discovering Artisan Roast – the lovely wee coffee hub and friendly neighbour of Gears Bike Shop in Glasgow.

Warm welcomes and perfect roasts

Delish soup and hearty Bread at Artisan Roast,GlasgowThis welcoming café on Gibson Street serves up the freshest and most fantastic food, sourced locally and prepared right there.

Their hearty soups and breads are heavenly – as are the surroundings with trumpeting angels and church pew seats.   And as the name suggests, they specialise in the art of the perfect roast.  Bottom line, they understand and appreciate coffee.

Even if coffee’s not your thing, go!

Not a coffee lover?  Then try one of their totally delightful hot chocolates – perfectly prepared and available in unusual but extraordinary flavours like lavender.  And what’s not to love about a place that serves scrumptious scones the size of your head.

Time well spent

This quirky, cosy space brimming with friendly staff is the ideal place to savour amazing smells, flavours and simply unwind.  And if it takes your fancy – try out one of their board games.

So this long weekend I’ll be giving the bicycle trek a miss to relax in AR’s inviting surroundings with the perfectly prepared cuppa.  Big sigh bliss.

– T

Away with words

Never been wowed by words! (Gasp)  Check out Words Per Minute  – but make it fast!  This fantastic spoken-word extravaganza is coming to an end with their last show this Sunday 6 May at the Arches, 4pm.

Words Per Minute, GlasgowIf you’ve been to a spoken word event before but been disappointed or never ventured  fearing boredom, drivel or pretentiousness,  allow WPM to ease your mind and pleasantly surprise.

For the last few years it’s been showcasing the best of  new and more established writers  and performers with a few songs and other creative antics thrown in for good measure.

A word-fuelled journey

Truthfully when I went along I didn’t quite know  what to expect but any apprehension quickly dissolved.  It’s relaxing, welcoming – really almost like hanging out in the living room of a friend – an energetic, engaging and thought-provoking friend – who just happens to have a stage and a microphone.

Champions from the UK vs. USA Sunday special were definitely the humorous and expressive American Samuel Taradash and the utterly fantastic London-based Caroline Bird.   Both were captivating, convincing and effortlessly took us along on their wonderful, word-fuelled journey.

Celebrate living, breathing words

This laid-back gathering celebrates words in all its many form – speaking, singing, reminiscing, ranting and recounting.  It provides rare intimate moments where performers share their inner workings and writing (close up), interacting with you in a way that words on a page could simply never do.

All good things must (never) come to an end

My only regret is that I didn’t go long before their penultimate show.  We’ll wave goodbye to this fantastic regular Sunday statement of expression on the 6th.  But WPM promises to rise and read again – becoming nomads that pop up every from time-to-time.

So, go on – make the most of your (possibly long) weekend.  Do something a little different and witness words alive at this final hooray at the Arches (£5).

–       T