Claim back lunch – breathe in and then out

Trying to carve some time for myself in the middle of the working day is a nightmare. Cramming in my lunch, I invariably end up eating at my desk facing off with the computer screen.

Claim back calm

Briggait, GlasgowBut not today – because I’m striving for mental calm and clarity through T’ai chi.

Dance House  is offering 45 minute sessions of T’ai chi down at the Briggait for a £5 every Tuesday at lunchtime – 12:30pm.  In a previous life the Briggait was an old fish market and is now one of those intriguing transformed buildings, great for exploring.

Shake off inhibitions– welcome calm

I have to admit feeling slightly silly in the beginning, the 10 of us dwarfed by the vast hall.  But with the sun shining down through the windows and a great open space – and not a computer in sight – I can’t help but begin to relax.

Of course it takes a while to switch the voice off in my head running through my task list but in the end I got there.  Background noises are replaced with a total sense of calm.

A ball of energy

The repetitive seemingly simple moves have a surprisingly tangible effect on my body.  After a series of exercises the instructor mentions we might feel a “ball of energy”.  And I do; I feel heat in my hands – an odd, but wonderful new sensation.

In those 45 minutes I slowed down, relaxed and focused on something so physical and repetitive in nature that I was totally absorbed and able to banish any daily distractions.  It’s a rejuvenating way to spend a lunch hour – now if I can only hold onto that clarity of body and mind for the rest of the week.

So, claim back lunch – and take 45 minutes for yourself, connect with calm and improve your day.

– B


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