Putting Glasgow’s best pizza to the taste test

Some claims are made to be tested.  And tasted.  Tucked away on Miller Street is ‘the home of Glasgow’s best pizza’ – so boasts Soho Bar-Pizzeria.

Soho pizza, GlasgowOK, so I haven’t studied the art of pizza making and my own skills are not flawless but I do know a superior pie when I taste it.

It’s in the perfect crust, fresh flavourful ingredients and an impeccable sauce that combine to make a thing of culinary beauty. Obviously I’m passionate about pizza.

Hidden on the lower level, Soho is easy to miss but it’s far from a drab basement bar.  The space is warm and inviting – as are the friendly staff.

And while their rustic Italian menu offers more than just pizza – I absolutely have to try their alleged brag-worthy specialty.  After carefully considering the many choices, I settle on the wild mushroom pizza.  I am not disappointed.  In fact, I’m impressed.  It’s bursting with flavour and the thin, crispy stone-baked crust is pure perfection.  As promised, the best in Glasgow.

Cheesecake at Soho in GlasgowAlso worth mentioning is their extensive and impressive cocktail list – and desserts that clearly show their generosity.  My delicious creamy cheesecake is the size of my head and their French Martini is divine.

£13.95 for 2 courses and a cocktail is a fantastic deal.  Or their pre-theatre menu – 2 courses for £9.95 or 3 or £12.95 is also a great option.
Either way, excellent value and exceptional taste.

So the next time you’re in the mood for extraordinary pizza, give soggy second-rate a miss and try out Soho.

And there’s something charming about a pizzeria that not only offers fantastic food but has Stevie Wonder watching over you as you enjoy some of the tastiest pizza in town and perfectly made cocktails.  Tempted? Swing by to see what I mean.



2 responses to “Putting Glasgow’s best pizza to the taste test

  1. ok, I’ll try it in a few weeks when I’ll be there, as a severe italian judge!!

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