Behave yourself….or not. But don’t miss this festival!

Behaviour isn’t your average festival.  Thankfully.

It’s an adventure fuelled by gritty performances that provide a close up look at the good, the bold, the bizarre and the beautiful.  And don’t worry, nobody minds if you stare.  In fact, they encourage it.

See everything!

Showcasing talented local and international artists – this electric and energetic programme  is so damn good that you may as well treat yourself to a ‘see everything’ festival pass and see the lot.  At £39 (£29 concession) it’s a real bargain considering the calibre and colossal list of performances on offer – there’s still over 10 different shows happening until the 29 April.    Or you can see individual shows between £4 – £11 a pop.

While many shows are happening at the Arches, others will take place across the city – some in the most interesting and unusual venues.

Surprisingly, music to my ears

Sewing Machine Orchestra at Behaviour Festival 2012Admittedly I never thought of a sewing machine as being musical but Montréaler Martin Messier’s  raw, industrial sewing machine orchestra was completely captivating.

And different.  In a good way.

Stir emotion, discover and face your fears

But this festival isn’t just about going to see live performances – it’s about stirring emotion, discovering something new and possibly even facing your fears.  Would you have the guts to set your vanity aside and let a 10-year-old kid scissor-hands cut your hair?  If the answer is yes, then definitely go to see the closing show ‘Haircuts by Children’.

There is still so much to see and experience that it’s hard to settle on a few, but I’m looking forward to hopefully also seeing (and smelling) ‘The Silence of Bees’ happening in Lush on Sauchiehall, starting  a loud rebellion at Kieran Hurley’s ‘Beats’ and experiencing the ups and downs of Bryony Kimmings’ intoxicating and entertaining ‘7 day Drunk’.

Whatever you choose, it will be right.  And it will be good.

-T #behaveyourself


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