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Willy Wonka eat your sweet heart out

The brightly coloured sofas and trays of perfectly formed chocolates instantly catch my eye. This is isn’t your average place; it’s the extraordinary No 1 Chocolate Factory in Glasgow.

Head to the back for the full chocolate experience – indulge in making, decorating and of course eating chocolate.  And that’s exactly what we do.

Chocolate 101 – apparently anything goes

My son and I look the part in our chef’s hats and aprons – and we’re ready for business.  We spend the best part of an hour playing with chocolate.  And what an absolutely fantastic time.

Chocolate pictureWe begin by decorating our plastic moulds; I carefully detail my dinosaur’s eyes, mouth, spikes and a tail with white chocolate.

My son opts for a slightly different approach splodging as much milk chocolate as possible into both the top and bottom of his pig mould masterpiece.

Once our first layer sets, even more chocolate is poured in then we click the mould shut and give it a good shake to spread the delicious mixture around.

Next up we try our hand at decorating a chocolate bar with what else – more chocolate, followed by sweetie goodies.   For our final chocolate design feat we create a 3D type picture formed from yet more chocolate and chocolate play doh.

Admiring my hand-crafted chocolate creations and my beaming chocolate infused boy, I can’t help but feel it’s £13 well-spent.  And truthfully I’m not sure who had more fun.

Get messy…or not

Dark chocolate cheesecake delightsBe warned, this isn’t for the faint of heart.

You will get your hands dirty and chocolate will ooze and gush everywhere – but in the most delightful of ways.

But for any of you who can’t bring yourself to muck in, there’s plenty of room to relax in the cafe and simply savour soup, a tasty panini or one of their many, many delicious cakes – the dark chocolate cheesecake is not to be missed.



Discover Glasgow’s design innovators

Rain or shine, Glasgow doesn’t falter.  Simply put, this city has style for miles.  Whether you’re West End vogue, city-centre slick, South Side style savvy or anywhere in between – flair is celebrated in all its many facets.

Glasgow revels in individual style

Glasgow School of Art Fashion Show 2012And while, yes, we’re considered one of the best shopping meccas outside London – our extraordinary and diverse panache isn’t merely about easy access to shops or High Street replication.

It’s about interpreting, experimenting and revelling in illustrious, individual expression.

And never more so than at Glasgow School of Arts’ annual Fashion Show.

This invigorating event showcases new and innovative designs by the art school’s talented third year textile students.  Last year’s show had me skipping all the way home and vowing to wear sculpted creations that would rival GaGa and be at home in the Tate.   This year’s show promises to be just as sensational, not least because it’s being hosted in the SWG3 studio warehouse – a fantastically creative space.

Go FROW* and discover Glasgow’s fashion talents close up

So what are you waiting for?  Get yourself FROW* and meet tomorrow’s design innovators today.  This style extravaganza is only happening on the 13 and 14 March (5pm, 7pm and 9pm), so snap up your tickets quick .  At only £5/7 a pop it’s a steal and even better – it goes towards funding their graduating exhibition at New Designers 2013 in London.

Enjoy dahling!

* FROW (Front Row)

– T

Silent Sunday – 4 March

Never know where you’ll get a sassy wink and a smile in Glasgow

Mini car with lashes in Glasgow

Hooray it’s Friday. Make it a tasty one.

We all do it – fall into routine.  Especially for lunch.

Don’t beat yourself up.  But do move away from that soggy tuna sandwich, put down last night’s left overs and step away from the humdrum look-a-like eateries on every corner.   I did, and thankfully lunch will never be the same.

Fresh local produce and homemade baking

Away from the city-centre clones at the far end of the Trongate is Rose and Grants  – a simple but inviting café/deli.

This friendly newcomer serves up fresh local produce, Bei and Nannini’s coffee (the good stuff) and scrumptious baked delights in relaxed surroundings that even include a few comfy sofas.

Made to perfection – your way

Rose and Grants fantastic and flavourful vegi sandwich in GlasgowThe food is fresh, made-your-way delicious.  The huge front window is a bonus for the day dreamers and people watchers.   For the hungry – their roast veg and hummus special sandwich on brown bread is a must-try flavour sensation (£2.95/£4.95).

And if you’re still set on that tuna sandwich, their tuna mayo with coriander and lime is a welcomed twist on a classic – and is never soggy!  Or try the tasty tuna and cannellini bean salad with rocket (£4.50).  Fantastic!

If you’re short on time, get it to go.  You’ll save a bit of money taking it away so indulge in something sweet like an irresistible pecan slice or pear and walnut brownie – all homemade of course.

Treat yourself!

It’s Friday –so go on, treat yourself to something new at Rose and Grants.  It doesn’t cost any more than possibly a few extra steps away from the ordinary into the extraordinary.  Well worth it.