Shilla – the best mistake I ever made

We ended up here unintentionally.

After a mix-up with another restaurant, we find ourselves at Shilla* on 1138 Argyle Street. I don’t know anything about Korean food – and very little of the culture.  But one thing’s for sure – I’m hungry.  

The restaurant is small, inviting and the mezzanine is buzzing with people – a good sign.  Smiling waiters take us to our table.  Even though the menu is in Korean and English I don’t really know what I’m ordering.  I’m going for ingredients but not really sure what the end flavour will be.

The unknown never tasted so good

Delicious delights at Shilla - Glasgow's only Korean restaurantThe sensible thing to do would be to ask the friendly staff but that would ruin the fun.   Besides the proof is in the tasting rather than the guessing.

Our starters arrive in beautiful ceramic dishes.  My husband’s macho sounding Gun Man Do home-made fried dumplings – (£4.50) are delicate and delicious with a depth of taste that only intensifies bite-after-bite.

My Dak Go Chi chargrilled chicken skewers with chilli, garlic and spring onion (£5) – are the absolute taste-sensation winner of the night.  Flagged as hot – they leave a pleasant tingling in my mouth complimented by a rich, spicy caramelised flavour.

Flavorful food at Shilla in GlasgowThe sizzling Dak Gal bi Hot (£8.99) – chargrilled chicken, vegetables and rice main is like a Korean version of a light curry.  Delicious.

My Ccan Pung Sae Woo (£9.99) – shelled king prawns with sea salt and chilli is hot, spicy and abundant – and well worth sticky fingers.

Mammoth menu definitely worth exploring

And looking around at what I’ve missed – the rest of the gargantuan menu is certainly worth exploring.   Spicy broths overflowing with seafood, noodles covered in aromatic sauces and fresh sushi are just some of the other tempting delights on other tables.   And at £50 for two, including a bottle of wine, what’s not to love.

So go on try something different, extend your culinary range and discover your favourite at Glasgow’s only Korean restaurant!  It was certainly the best mistake that I’ve made in a long time.

*Sorry no website for Glasgow but check out their sister restaurant’s menu in Edinburgh to get an idea of what’s on offer.


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