Glasgow Chippie gives Anstruther a run for their title

Normally I wouldn’t get excited about fish and chips….because really depending on your taste and possibly how much alcohol you’ve had, one take away is just as good (or bad) as the next.  Isn’t it?

Well no.  Or at least not if  Merchant Chippie is anything to go on.

Merchant Chippie, Ingram Street, GlasgowLocated on the tip of Ingram Street and the High Street, this isn’t your average chippie.  For one it’s sparkly new  and boasts fresh fish brought in daily from Aberdeen and Anstruther – home of the legendary ‘best fish and chip bar’ in Scotland… well for now that is.

Fresh fish galore

But my enthusiasm isn’t just because of the glossy newness of the place, or the friendly staff or even the fresh fish (though all of this is appreciated) – my excitement stems from the vast selection of delights from the sea.

Fish galore at Merchant Chippie in GlasgowIn addition to the usual haddock fish and chips (£2.95), they offer the most delicious cod supper.  Yes admittedly more expensive at £6.30 but less than restaurant prices and arguably fresher and just as tasty.

My cod is light, flaky and cooked to perfection – definitely  the best fish supper I’ve had in Glasgow. In addition to cod – they also offer sea bass, pollock, and salmon to name a few – all at around £6.30.

So the next time you’re in the mood for fantastic fish and chips but don’t fancy mushy frozen goo, make your way to Merchant Chippie.  And be prepared to be wowed, even more so if you swap the standard haddock for tasty cod or one of their other fresh seafood fare.



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