Persian perfection – food to rival grandma’s cooking

Persia restaurant in GlasgowWe’re walking along Great Western Road in biting wind looking for the restaurant when I spot the sign. I’m not sure what to expect from Persia , but I know I’m cold and I’m hungry.  

I love Middle Eastern food and have high expectations.  Smiling, attentive, staff  greet us and any anxiety melts away.  We’re taken to the perfect table in the mezzanine, which somehow manages to be cosy and spacious all at the same time – with glass windows from top to bottom, great for people watching. 

We sit down to enjoy a rare night away from the kids.  The menu has a good selection but isn’t overwhelming.   My husband’s instantly drawn to the Dolma but as a bit of an expert (thanks to my grandmother’s  love of the stuffed dish) I warn him that it will be cold and he won’t like it.  And it won’t be as good as my Nan’s.

How wrong and jealous am I.  It is pure perfection.  It is as good.

A true taste sensation

My hummus starter is equally delicious and plentiful, but admittedly his Dolma is truly amazing – a warm, gorgeous combination of spices.  And tasty – the sort of tasty that has you happily making inexplicable noises in public. 

Rule number 1 – don’t base your menu choices on your grandmother’s stellar cooking.  In this case, she’ll understand.

Lamb at Persia restaurant in Glasgow

Lamb perfection!

For a main course my husband suggests one of us get lamb and the other chicken. And he trumps me again.  My food is delicious but his lamb is divine.  Rule number 2 – order whatever you want – but at Persia that should be lamb.

At the end of two courses we are pleasantly stuffed so pass on dessert.  And at under £50– for starter, main and drinks – our bill is the perfect pain-free finale to the night.

Driving home we quickly discover we’re not the only ones out for a good time.  We stop the car to help a rather robust drunk woman lying on all fours in the middle of the road.  It takes both of us to get her to her feet. Thankfully we’re feeling mighty after our tremendous meal. 

Rule number 3 – be kind to strangers in need – even on a full stomach.

So go to Persia, you won’t be disappointed. Except maybe if you don’t get the lamb.

– B


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