Asia Style – it’s about good food

Sometimes good food isn’t about lush , grand architecture or even overly friendly service.   Simply it ain’t about the style.  Sometimes it’s only about the food – which is so good that the plain surroundings and muted service don’t matter.  And that’s exactly what Asia Style is about. Good food.


When you walk in, perhaps you want to immediately walk back out – but believe me you’d be a fool.   Besides, if it’s a Friday or Saturday night, chances are haven’t walked straight in because there’s typically a queue – doubters take this as a good sign. Even better – if there is a queue, it moves quickly and you’ll be at your table savouring sensational food shortly.

Don’t be put off by the décor – or lack there of, in this case simple is good.  If it’s all too much- at the very least get a take-a-way or regret it.

A smorgasbord of delicious choice

Asia Style’s Chinese/Malaysian menu is a smorgasbord of choice – really something for everyone.  And if you’re craving something like veggie chow mien, which isn’t on the menu, guess what – they’ll make it.  Or at least they did when I asked. 

Veggie spring roll at Asia Style, GlasgowBut sticking to the menu won’t be difficult.  There are so many amazing dishes (seafood noodle soup; ma po tofu and a gazillion flavourful beef and chicken specialities).  And admittedly some odd sounding things like the ‘1000 year old egg with slice pork porridge’.  Didn’t try that one.  However, I did try their spring rolls – and can confirm that they make the best (and biggest) I’ve ever had – definitely worth a try. 

Inexpensive, authentic Asian eats 

Dinner for two that included 2 starters, 2 main dishes and beer comes in just over 23 quid.  Nice.

Although at these prices students may want to claim it as their own, the crowd at Asia Style is as eclectic as the menu – families, friends, young, old, and I even spotted a guy happily eating on his own – you know it’s great when you’re dining solo! 

Tucked away on 185-189 St George’s Road (G3 6JD), it’s easy to miss but shouldn’t be overlooked!  Quite simply, it dishes out good, inexpensive, authentic Asian eats.



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