Rain or shine getting to heaven’s a whole lot easier – in fact 3 enjoyable steps

I’m hiding under the huge leaves at the glasshouse at Kibble Palace  in Glasgow’s West End.  Adrenalin is coursing through my body because in this game of hide-and-seek  it’s clear that I am the prey.  When I see my two sons getting closer to my hiding place I fear my pounding heart will give me away.  I make a break for it and run.

But I’m no match for them and they quickly nab me. 

Rained out but not ruined

We attempt to explore the rest of the Botanic Gardens but unfortunately the weather is against us.  But we’re not defeated by the rain– and happily dodge puddles, racing down Byres Road to the quirky and wonderful 3 steps to Heaven – a shop boasting 3 steps to coffee, salads and ice cream bliss – though it’s clear where their true talents lie.

3 steps to absolute ice cream joy

3 steps to heaven shop front in GlasgowThis is no ordinary ice cream cafe, here amount beautiful sparkly cupcakes and delightfully coloured surroundings are the ice creams of all ice creams. Willy Wonky and Tom and Gerry have nothing on  Stone Cold Creations – a truly wonderful way to create the ice cream of your childhood dreams.  And that’s exactly what my sons and I do in 3 simple, enjoyable steps:

Step 1 – Select two flavours of ice cream
My youngest goes for a national favourite – tablet and fudge, while my eldest opts for chocolate fudge brownie and colourful puff candy

Step 2 – Add two mixing ingredients – the options are endless, sweets, chocolate, nuts, jellies, sprinkles and more.  Clearly not having had his fill of the sweet stuff, my youngest opts for even more tablet toped with white chocolate jazzes – obviously there are no wrong or right.  My eldest goes for a more eclectic flying saucer and marshmallow option.

Step 3 – Combine everything – but not just in any old way – magically on an ice cold slab of marble the ingredients and mixed, merged and transformed into wonderful concoction.  All the while wishful eyes watch in anticipation until the entire lot is presented in a beautiful ice-cream mash up masterpiece, topped with the sauce of our choice.   Of course my boys opt for even more chocolate.

Lick the plate good!

Silence descends on our table – a true sign of success, that and the fact that my eldest wanted to lick the plate.   Sugar and smiles, and all without totally breaking the bank – each creation comes in at just under £4.

Admittedly rainy days can be hard to take but into every soggy Saturday or Sunday some sprinkles, chocolate and glorious cold stone ice cream should fall.



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