Get your falafel fix!

Spice up your weekend with good, inexpensive eats

I returned from Berlin longing for bicycles, socialising in relaxed open-air bars and would you believe – falafel.  Berlin has some of tastiest on the planet – wonderful delicious delights perfected in stuffed pitas overflowing with oodles of crunchy veg and spicy family-secret sauces.

So, having returned to Glasgow and accepted the fact that frequent rainfall killed dreams of hanging out al fresco and cycling in the city is taking my life in my own hands – I simply couldn’t let go of my falafel dreams.

Falafel Petra

Eating Falafel at Petra on Gibson Street in Glasgow

Falafel heaven at Petra on Gibson Street

And so I found myself face-to-face with Falafel Petra on Gibson Street.  Now from the outside it’s kind of easy to miss – plain even, and doesn’t really look like much.    From the inside, it’s tiny, rustic and simplistic.  And if you’re expecting to be fussed over – forget about it.   Because this place is plain-and-simple about one thing and sugary service ain’t one of them. 

But what they lack in fall-all-over-you service, they make up for in flavourful, inexpensive food.  And even better for me, their eclectic Middle Eastern menu features falafel ranging from just under 3 quid for standard falafel sandwich to 3.50 for the ‘gourmet’ variety that includes falafel, hummus and tabbouleh.  Yum!

Admittedly few falafels will be able to top my Berlin experience but Falafel Petra on Gibson doesn’t require a plane ticket or a bicycle (thankfully) – and can certainly satisfy any cravings without breaking the bank. 

So what are you waiting for – get yourself to Falafel Petra and tell them T sent you.  They’ll look at you funny. They have no idea who I am.



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