Life is for the living – but where the heck are the best places to do it in Glasgow?

The what

Whether you are new to a city or have lived there all your life – intermittently you will have to decide exactly what you want to do and where exactly you want to do it.  And you might even want to venture somewhere new. 

As a long-time local you may find yourself stuck in the same old rut and as a newbie you may find yourself in the completely wrong places, missing the mark altogether.

Duke of Wellington statue in Glasgow

The Duke never looked better than when wearing his cone!

So what exactly is a person to do?

Because worse than a bad haircut, a mediocre meal or a second-rate latté is paying for it.  If only you’d known, right?   But don’t feel badly, we’ve all been there.


City of rampant knife-wielding gangs, violence and eternally grey. 

And if that’s truly your view on this city then you really need to get out more.  And T and B are here to tell you exactly where to get out in Glasgow.  Because it’s a truly energetic and eclectic city, with even more amazing people and places to experience!

And who are we? And why should you care?

So just what makes us the experts?  Well nothing really. We’re simply two women with diverse lifestyles, a lust for living and an enthusiasm for sharing the best of the city we so love. 

Of course we could have totally different interest and taste from you (and one another).   But as there’s not a stand-alone site dedicated to all things Glasgow (or at least that we could find) – this is a pretty good starting point to find out where to get the best view in town, have a chilled out drink, taste heavenly ice-cream, have a fabulous food, experience a fantastic free-day out, find the perfect gift or even fulfil you’re inner roller girl or rock star desires… and more. 

Tried, tested and ready to tell all….

Even better – these places have been tried and tested by us (2 gals living and working in Glasgow as opposed to tourists passing through).  Essentially you don’t have to go blindly into the Lion’s den – we’ve been there and will honestly reveal all. 

Consider this your one-stop all singing, all dancing (and sometimes simply sitting sipping latte) Glasgow go-to site.   Note this ain’t about where the cool kids hang, where to go to be seen or breaking the bank on expensive, overpriced outings.   

So stay tuned because over the coming months have we got top tips!  And if you happen to have a few of your own – let us know (  so we can check it out and share it here.

Also watch out for our silent Sundays featuring our favourite pics of our beloved city.

 – T


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